HAVVK Bites Into Brexit In “52”

Shoegaze pop

Photo: Courtesy of A Badge of Friendship

UK act HAVVK taps into the political extremities of Brexit in new single “52,” where the hypnotic croons of Julie Hawk glides us into a state of haunting euphoria. “52” is a slow-burning, euphony that depicts both anger and unity while also nodding back HAVVK’s shoegaze roots. But over the hazy and gauzy soundscape, there is a subtle layer of pop gloss that adds groove to it:

On the single, Julie explained: “we lived in London at the time of the vote and I don’t think any of us will forget the day the result came out. It felt like the campaign was designed to leverage a divide between people. At times, it felt like every spokesperson for or against Brexit was willing to put a short-term win ahead of opening a genuine conversation about people’s safety and futures. It drove a chasm between people which only seems to getting wider, with a rise in racism and hate-crime, and the constant outpour of hateful language in online media.”

“52” is from HAVVK’s upcoming debut album Cause & Effect, which will be out on November 22.