Rock’N’Detox Your Shi:)tty Relationship With Micky James’ “Crybaby”

With a 60s edge

Artwork courtesy of Mora May PR

NY-based artist Micky James gives us the ultimate glam-rock soundscape to help us wash away our ex-toxicity in “Crybaby” where he uses sky-high choruses and percussive dynamite to keep our adrenalines running. Over the contemporary patent layers of rock, Micky sprays the edgy shades of 60s, creating a graffiti mixture of du jour and classic elements where he lets his vocal chords explode. Enjoy:

“‘Crybaby’ to me feels like my most rock’n’roll song yet. Like all good rock’n’roll songs, the message and the feeling get right to the point,” shared Micky James.

Micky decided to launch his solo endeavor after touring with his previous band, which eventually dissolved. Influenced by 60s and 70s era, Micky likes to hopscotch between different eras when crafting his sound. “I wanted to take pieces of nostalgia and give it a contemporary twist,” he shared. Word.