While You’re In Line At Starbucks, Here’s Fortnight In Florida’s “I Can’t Wait Forever”

Waiting sucks

Photo: @njcollinsimages

As you wait for that 12-year-old to customize his decaf pumpkin spice almond milk frapuccino with extra foam, instead of scrolling down the news (along with your hope), here’s Fortnight In Florida’s “I Can’t Wait Forever” to meditate. Think of this as your Zen soundtrack that will help you stretch your patience and let your spirit flow with the environment (whatever that shit means). The video takes place in Manhattan in the 50s where we see three mysterious men hanging around with coffee and cigarettes. One of them is waiting for a girl who never seems appear again. Enjoy:

Through their mutual love for disco, synthpop and Alan Patrdige quotes, Fortnight In Florida was born in London. Since forming, they’ve been featured across BBC radio and played at various festivals. The trio will be playing across London in the upcoming weeks:

UK 2019

10/29 – The Bedford (London, UK)

11/8 – The Priory (London, UK)

11/23 – The Gladstone Arms (London, UK)

UK 2020

1/18 – Private Event (London, UK)