Cathedral Bells’ “Heavy Rain” Is Your New Shoegaze Staycation

Let your mind wander

Photo: Courtesy of Good Eye Records

If you ever find yourself in a meeting about yesterday’s meeting, then it’s time to let the hamster in your brain stop spinning the wheel and wander into vastness with Cathedral Bells’ “Heavy Rain” – a shoegaze slice of wonder that showers you with riffage chaos. The track captures the flooding feeling of loneliness you feel when you find yourself disconnected despite being surrounded by a crowd. Enjoy:

On the influence behind the single, CB’s Matt Messore explained, “Sometimes loneliness can feel like it’s raining down on you and there’s such a storm of emotion, you wonder if anyone can understand.”

“Heavy Rain” is the second release following Cathedral Bells’ debut self-titled EP, which has been garnering praise across media. Cathedral Bells will be hitting Orlando and Chicago in the upcoming weeks, so don’t miss them:

10/11 – Will’s Pub (Orlando, FL, USA)

11/16 – Co-Pprosperity Sphere (Chicago, IL, USA)