Bblasian Taps Into Redemption & Embraces The Good Life In “Above & Beyond”


Photo: Rowmel Findley

Louisville artist Bblasian returns with a festive chromatic video for his new single “Above & Beyond.” The song is built around the narrative arc of redemption where the rapper shares his personal struggles of being sentenced to jail in late 2017 and learning from his mistakes. “Plenty times I lied, plenty times I cried, I get too damn high to try and face my wrongs, i’m still tryna fix my wrongs, but with you by my sides go above and beyond” he chants. Watch below:

Since getting out of jail in 2018, Bblasian has used his music as an outlet to share his experience. His song and video “Change,” an apology letter to his mother, has accumulated more than one million streams and gained 37k followers on various platforms. Since then, Bblasian has released several critically-acclaimed singles, which are all part of his debut project Dif, out on October 25th via Cinematic Group.