LUNIR Reawakens Our Inner Simba In “Cubs”


Photo: Courtesy of A Badge of Friendship

German-Scottish duo LUNIR brings our inner childhood Simba out with their latest single “Cubs,” a free-spirited pop single drizzled with soul details where Becky Sikasa’s mesmeric vocals take us back to our childhood. It’s a lush, warm piece of pop where the eccentric guitar strikes and strumming drum beats yield a buoyant sensation. Enjoy:

On the single, David Scobie shared: “I recently discovered I’m now too big to navigate between the branches of trees and began reminiscing about my childhood friend and I running carefree through the forest like a pair of cubs. This track is about this feeling, like a wild freedom where opportunity for joy abounds.”

LUNIR will be touring across Europe in the upcoming weeks, so go see them:

10/10 – Wee Red Bar (Edinburgh, UK)

10/11 – The CatStrand (Castle Douglas, UK)

10/12 – Tenement Trail (Glasgow, UK)

10/26 – Stadtgarten (Cologne, Germany)