Resurrection Fern’s “Coffee” Is An Unapologetic Coming-Of-Age Journey

Acoustic folk

Artwork courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Coffee is a stimulator that awakens us and often serve as signs of adulthood. Resurrection Fern toys with such connotations in her latest single “Coffee” where she takes us into a coming-of-age odyssey that documents her growth as an artist. “Coffee rings on the shelf / Writing messages to myself / About who I’m supposed to be” are the opening lines of the song, where Resurrection invites us into her intimate headspace. It’s an endearing self-ode that is ambitious and curious where Resurrection sweeps over the pressures of being a non-mainstream musician in an era of self-sellout. With a featherlike melodic density, Resurrection lets a few chords and her voice take the centerstage of “Coffee” where she delineates her own love/hate relationship with music:

“The fight against probability / I try to be me / What I think I need / Escape the machine” she chants. In this context, ‘machine’ represents the algorithm-fed mainstream music that permeate the charts and often tempt artists to abandon their own individual craft. “Coffee” often symbolizes beginnings, a small break before we head into our daily grind/hustle. For Resurrection, “Coffee” serves as another beginning and journey of her artistry where she feels fully awake of who she wants and thrives to be.

“Coffee” is from Resurrection’s upcoming full-length album and the follow up of her latest record Savanna.

Resurrection is a Twitch Partner, which means she is one of the 1.2% top content creators out of the 2.2 million streamers on Twitch. Her fans can get exclusive content and music by subscribing to her channel. Her previous records have been entirely funded by her subscribers, who pay between $5 to $25 per month to support her (although this is not a requirement). Resurrection live streams on her channel at least three times per week where she performs song covers and originals. The gal has also recently become a YouTube Partner, so expect to see more of her content on her YouTube channel.