CROOK’s “oh, cool” Is The Breeziest Song About Panic Attack

“Oh, cool, I guess I’m crying on this train…”

Photo: Nikk Martin

Berlin-based, Irish artist CROOK made the most serene, Xanaxed-out track about panic attack titled “oh, cool.” Instead of letting his panic attacks haunt him, CROOK uses it to add a dash of dark humor into his soundscape while also beckoning us to see it from a more detached perspective. Through his swooning vocals and bedroom-pop homeliness, CROOK depicts the emotional and mental trials we’ve faced through a mood-boosting melody:

On his new single, CROOK commented, “I wrote this song during a period when I was having a lot of panic attacks, and was generally feeling terrified about everything, all the time. For me, those moments are frantic, second-to-second re-ups of terror in the brain. With “oh, cool”, I tried to write a 2-minute shot of pure adrenaline, something that could burst through even my own thick head, and get me to wake the fuck up. I’m probably not the only one who needs it.”

CROOK started off by winning a regional radio contest, which led to recording his first EP with the help of producer/guitarist Dave Keary (Van Morrison). Since then, he’s been playing 250ish shows per year, produced for other artists, and released more records. “oh, cool” is out now via Brooklyn indie label Sleep Well Records and just a glimpse of what the maestro has in store for us for this year.