Hablot Brown’s “Ain’t No Secret” Is The Neo-Soul R&B You Need. Like Now.

Slacker groove

Photo: Jack McKain

LA-based trio Hablot Brown takes us on a lush journey of lust and longing in their new single “Ain’t No Secret,” a gorgeous piece of neo-soul R&B that is characterized by funk hues and throbbing chords. It’s upbeat, but there is a sense of chillness to it that makes it a perfect slacker groove. Enjoy:

Combrised of brothers Austin Brown (production, keys, bass, guitar) and John Brown (drums, co-writing), and their friend Linus Lester Hodges (vocals, songwriting), the trio met during a 5-week summer program at the Berklee College of Music. They immediately bonded and started songsmithing together. Within a year of forming, they’ve amassed more than 5.5 million streams and has been featured in various playlists across the world. “Ain’t No Secret” is from their upcoming third EP, which will be out in late November.