Johnny Orlando’s “All These Parties” Is The Party Anthem For Anti-Partiers


Still from Johnny Orlando – All These Parties YouTube

LA-based artist Johnny Orlando throws the ultimate solo party for all anti-partiers out there in new video “All These Parties.” Directed by Alex P Smith, the video follows Johnny who is alone with his parrot cleaning up the aftermath of a fraternity hurricane. But Johnny decides to actually embrace the mess and take it to the next level by having a grand time with his parrot. Watch below:

On the video, Johnny shared: “This was hands down the most fun I have ever had shooting a music video. We basically just got to have a big party on set, which definitely comes across in the video. We even had a parrot and a giant snake…it was crazy.”

“All These Parties” is the follow up of Johnny Orlando’s latest EP Teenage Fever, which was released back in March 2019. You probably heard of Johnny from his 2018’s “What It” ft. Mackenzie Ziegler (109+ million streams) or from his JUNO Awards nomination for ‘Breakthrough Artist of the Year.’ Now with more than 270 million streams under his belt (and within a span of 3 years), Johnny continues to expand his fanbase and hone his sound in the pop arena.