Marie Lang Strips Vulnerability To Its Bone In “Comfort Zone”


Photo courtesy of The Wanderlvst

LA-based, Austrian artist Marie Lang takes us into an introspective, booming soundscape of R&B in her new single “Comfort Zone” where she peels through the layers of vulnerability. It’s a lush and sensual melodic territory where Marie’s skyrocketing vocals send us bursting chills down to the bone. Tapping into lust, passion and change, “Comfort Zone” is Marie’s own take in facing transitions and dealing with relationships. Enjoy:

“I’m always curious to strip someone down to their deepest secrets, desires or even mistakes. Passion to me is being confidently vulnerable, surrendering to the moment, and giving in to the fact that change is always right around the corner,” shared Marie Lang.

Originally from Vienna, Marie studied at Berklee College of Music and decided to relocate to LA last year to collaborate with more artists. “Comfort Zone” is from Marie’s upcoming debut EP, which will be out this December and is mostly influenced by her past relationships. “Whether it’s about the wrong timing or feeling like something is missing. Which I feel can be a common feeling after college, at least for me because it’s been such a transformative time where I sometimes haven’t really figured out what I want out of something,” she shared.

Keep your ears out for more news/drops from Marie in the upcoming weeks.