Natalie Walker’s EP ‘Evenfall’ Is Out Now

A starry-eyed take on indie pop

Photo: Kevin Michael

Colorado-based artist Natalie Walker has released her new EP Evenfall, a five-track starry-eyed journey where the gal swings between reality and dream. It’s indie pop tinted with ethereal hues and chest-swelling synths that stretch along with Natalie’s silvery vocals. If you’re looking for a record to daydream, this is your ticket:

“I wanna create music that feels like magic,” shared Natalie. “But I had an epiphany that that also translates into having a personal connection to my audience. Knowing them by name and having them in my Patreon community feels like magic. Sharing an unreleased demo, sharing a personal story and hearing their story feels like magic. That’s my driving force.”

Natalie first deubt as the vocalist for Daughter Darling, whose record Sweet Shadows garnered buzz across the trip-hop scene. The gal released her first solo album Urban Angel back in 2007 and has released two more since. For Evenfall, she teamed up with producer Ryan Malina whom she worked with previously.

Be on the lookout for more news from the gal this year.