Lee Bowie’s “Jesus” Is An Enlightening Reminder To Fanatics To Calm The F Down

Amen to that

Artwork courtesy of Lucid Online

We’ve all had moments when we wanted to shove down our beliefs and ideals to someone’s throat. Think of the time where you were dragged into the infamous Hawaiian pizza debate – whether you were pro or anti pineapple on pizza, you felt so convinced that your stance on those yellow chunks were the absolute truth. That’s why Lee Bowie made a song titled “Jesus” so you don’t get carried away by your own ideologies and see things from a more Zened-out perspective. It’s a zany electropop goodness sprinkled with bubbly bursts yield a playful soundscape for us to dissect controversial topics…and calm our tits:

“‘Jesus’ is the ultimate good guy in every story and is smart, kind and always pays for dinner. The story of Mr. Christ is also most likely fictional and because of that, he is as cool as the writers want him to be. That in turn makes him a kinda strange ideal to hammer into people, because we’re just people and we generally have bigger issues than some dude with a pen running out of ink and that may mess up our attempts at becoming angels. ‘Jesus’ is basically a letter of complaint talking about the harm in forcing YOUR OWN ideals that YOU’VE built up based on YOUR life on somebody else that may have lived an entirely different life,” shared the duo.

The only thing that we know about Lee Bowie so far is that they’re from Europe and wear masks.