Nicole Chambers Wants You To Stop Hanging Out With Your Ex In “Committed Fool”

Stop seeing him & call your girlfriends

Artwork courtesy of Auteur Research

Canadian R&B artist Nicole Chambers is on a mission to restore common sense to those who have been guilty of hanging out with their exes. Her latest video “Committed Fool” showcases Nicole who secretly meets up her ex before she gets caught by her army of girlfriends. With burning oohing over the down-tempo cadence, “Committed Fool” portrays the guilty pleasure of being with the wrong person – and the gratitude you feel from people who are willing to snap out of it:

“‘Committed Fool’ is my first official music video. I wanted the video to showcase what happens when us girls get caught up in telling small white lies to our girlfriends to hang out with an ex we know we shouldn’t be hittin’ up.  This song is a creative wake-up call for anybody in a sticky situation that you have no business being in. Sometimes we need our girlfriends to call us out in order to realize he is not worth it,” shared Nicole.

Nicole broke into the scene with her debut EP HCIF (How Could I Forget) back in 2018. Since then, she’s been garnering buzz across the Toronto’s R&B scene and collaborated with many artists such as Witch Prophet, Yuri Koller, and more.