jame Nestles Us Between Certainty & Uncertainty In “Freefall”

When you’re stuck in-between

Artwork: jame SoundCloud

LA-based artist jame (no cap, no s) suspends us in an aerosphere of flurry synths and velvety vocals in “Freefall.” Lyrically, the track is another can of worms – it illustrates a relationship where you feel like you’re stuck in the middle not knowing whether your partner really loves you or not. But melodically, “Freefall” lets us dive into our own imagination where we can shut the world off and enjoy a peaceful sonic massage:

“‘Freefall’ paints a picture of a frozen moment in time, where your love for another person sits in between security and no security at all. The romantic relationship falls in between existing and not existing; stuck in free fall. I hope to touch others who have been in that confusing place,” shared jame.

“Freefall” is out now via all platforms.