Johnny Kills Can’t Still Figure Out Adulting So They Released “Help Me Out”

Garage rock

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

If you’ve been trying to figure out adulting coz you have no clue except for the fact that you suck at it, join the club. London/Brighton trio is making us feel less alone and less guilty about our latest fuckups with their single “Help Me Out” where they address the chaotic jungle of being grown-ups. Flooded with gauzy layers of garage and striking rock chords, “Help Me Out” is a humorous and existential portrait of the endless doubts, expectations, chores, and taxes that get thrown to us:

Johnny Kills’ Tim explained: “It’s about getting to a stage where you have some big life questions -what career do I want? Where do I want to live? What do I really care about? -to which the answers are all a resounding ‘I don’t have a scooby, mate’. It’s about having a blank slate in front of you and it just freaking you out, and hoping someone else will sort it all out for you.”

The track is from the trio’s upcoming debut EP Panic, which will be out on November 20th via Killing Moon.