The Lagoons’ “Milagro” Is A Satirical Kiss To The Young & Rich

And makes you wanna dance

Photo: Courtesy of Vicious Buzz

LA brother duo The Lagoons sends a groovy satirical kiss to the hyperbolic young and rich lifestyle while letting us indulge in our last summer hurrah in their new single “Milagro.” Infused with the Latin influences, “Milagro” immediately invites us into a waltz with its booms and loops. Enjoy:

In their own words, the song is “satirical in a way, overexaggerating the lifestyles of young, rich socialites.”

Comprised of siblings Ryan and Joey Selan, the duo learned to play instruments at an early age. They’re currently working on their upcoming record in their home studio, which will be released next year. For more details, go ask them in person:

10/8 – Berlin (New York, NY, USA)

11/7 – House of Blues (Houston, TX, USA)

11/8 – Parish (Austin, TX, USA)

11/9 – Three Links Deep Ellum (Dallas, TX, USA)