ARCADES Gives Us Runner’s High Minus The Torture With “Running” Ft. Ryan Lawrie

Frisson explosion

Artwork courtesy of Twin Music Inc.

UK duo ARCADES is back with another delightful banger titled “Running” ft. Ryan Lawrie. It’s a bouncy, pop starburst where the duo offer a pastiche of dance and starry-eyed beats that yield a throbbing orchestration. It has a melancholic charm tangled with hip-shaking swagger to it – an iconic sound style of the duo. In “Running,” ARCADES emulates the rushing sensation of racing through the quivering cascade of hooks whereas Ryan offers his smooth, silvery vocals to mirror the helplessness we feel when we can’t leave someone. It’s exactly like running – you love the highs you get, but hate the lactic acidosis in your legs:

“Running” was born out of a recent songwriting trip to LA that the duo took. Comprised of Max Graham and Matt Thomson, ARCADES have produced for Allie X, Years & Years, and BTS. You can keep up with their latest music & adventures via Instagram.