BadBiotch Alert: Meet Teyonahhh, Your New Favorite Baddest Boss

Listen to “In Love With Us”

Photo: Courtesy of
Cheyenne Beam PR

With her fleek stiletto nails, rising 18-year-old Teyonahhh is picking up the crown for the new badass bitch in the hip-hop realm with her banger “In Love With Us.” Her unapologetic lyrics is sprinkled with punchy boldness that are MSG addictive and gives you bosslike highs. Teyonahhh is not afraid to call out basic bitches who pose on Instagram, sexism, and party poopers – her wittiness paired with the breakneck rhythm radiates an infectious confidence that reigns:

Originally from Red Hook, Brooklyn, Teyonahhh used to be a professional hairstylist and makeup artist before pursuing music full-time. Citing Mary J. Blige, TLC, Faith Evans and many others as her influences, Teyonahhh continues to grow her social fanbase with her music. She’s set to play at FYGU Fest in LA:

10/24 – Shrine (Los Angeles, CA, USA)