Indoor Fins Mixed 70s Psych With French Pop In “Here It Goes” & It’s So Shmaxy

Let’s dance

Photo: Courtesy of Purple Bite

Indoor Fins, aka Timothy Nelson, send us a wavering mixture of groovitational schmooziness that is too sexy to not be blasted in the speakers titled “Here It Goes.” This is not your lamestream pop, but an eccentric unicorn that has been born out of 70s psychedelia and French pop sparkles ready to keep you spinning. Lyrically, “Here It Goes” illustrates Timothy’s own experience getting in touch with his subconscious flow state as he wrestles with his own creativity. Enjoy:

“I remember waking up and having the guitar riff in my head, but no idea where the song could go. Something didn’t feel right and I nearly abandoned it altogether, but this voice in my head was telling me to push through, and I spent all day just trying every possible idea that could make the song work. At some point I turned a corner and it all made sense. It was very much a journey writing it. That’s what I mean by ‘Put me on the road to rhythm and light’, you know? My subconscious was saying ‘pull yourself together, and get on with it.’”

“Here It Goes” is from Indoor Fins’ upcoming debut EP Amber Arcade, which will be dropping on November 11. The record is a mark for Indoor Fins’ growth as a solo artist and the byproduct of his own struggles. “A few years back my old band, and my relationship at the time, both fell apart within about a month of each other. I was in a rut personally. Then, shortly after all that, someone in my family, very close to me, got seriously ill. It wasn’t the greatest time at all. I felt like I’d been on one kind of path from the moment I left high school, and suddenly found myself in a place where I wasn’t sure where I was heading at all. I did a bit of soul searching, there was a lot going on in my head I’d not addressed for a long time and I think it all just collided in one go. In the midst of all that, I did a tonne of writing. I was questioning so much about who I was, that I think I started digging a lot deeper lyrically. These four songs are like little vignettes into where my head was at.”