Kidd Kenn Is All Of Us When Our Parents Leave Town In “Babysitter”

Weekend party anthem

Still from Kidd Kenn “Babysitter” Official Music Video YouTube

16-year-old Chicago rapper Kidd Kenn throws the party we all want to attend this weekend in his video “Babysitter” where he does the exact opposite of what his mother tells him to do – throw a party while she’s outta town. With sticky lyrics and razorous beats, “Babysitter” has a rare hybridization between clubby flair and playful beats where Kidd Kenn’s vocals fly. Yes, they fly:

Kidd Kenn, who is openly gay and a fashion messiah, started off by freestyling which went viral. He’s been labeled as one of the hottest rising teen artists in Chicago. “When you hear what I’m doing, I want you to know everything is possible,” he shared. “Be yourself. Don’t let anyone stop you from doing what you want to do. That’s just something I always did. You can’t get stuck on anything or what anybody says. I learned how to not care about opinions and be myself. You need to feel like that bitch!”