Margot Polo’s ‘Oohyeahyeah’ EP Is Perfect To Enjoy Your Quarter Midlife Crisis

And among other things

Photo: Jered Scott

Cali-based artist Margot Polo gifts us with his new EP Oohyeahyeah, a 5-track journey that captures quarter midlife crisis, heartbreaks, romance, and hope. David, the mastermind behind Margot Polo, opens with “Let’s Get Out” an upbeat track filled with nostalgia and bittersweet reflection of being a Millennial. In “Electric Girl,” he zooms into infatuation with a blazing melody. But there’s a catch – “Electric Girl” could be a hyperbolic representation of someone who takes your breath away or it is a metaphor for online dating and how such non-carnal connection can impact you. In “Someone New” MG taps into heartbreak whereas in “Poison” he introduces us to a femme fatale who is toxically addictive. David wraps up the EP with the laidback treat “The Feeling” where he lets us indulge into the moody longing for certain emotional intensity. Enjoy:

Margot Polo and his dog Opie can be found on Instagram.