Cherryade Ain’t Taking Any BS From Music Industry In “Bang. Pop. Go Worldwide”

Pop with a mid-finger

Still from Cherryade – Bang. Pop. Go Worldwide. (Audio) YouTube

Music industry can be a tricky labyrinth to navigate thanks to pretentious fakers who you need to weed out constantly. London-based duo Cherryade, aka Ella and Alex, sends a sweet pop mid-finger to all those fakers out there with their new sassy anthem “Bang. Pop. Go Worldwide.” Born out of their personal experiences with music industry bullshit, this is a hook-glossed piece that kicks you like an over-caffeine latte – saccharine yet still has that bitter tinge to it:

On the inspiration behind the single, Ella explained, “We’ve had a pretty shitty year being messed around by some notable American managers who made a lot of fake promises, so after wasting our time we wrote this as a big f**k you anthem. It’s a fun party song, but it’s all about not relying on anyone else.”

Alex added, “It’s the first time we’ve really felt comfortable producing ourselves and featuring my vocals, and in a strange way being messed around has given us a lot more confidence creatively.”

The single is from their upcoming EP Sinking Ship, which is still in the works. Stay tuned.