FHAT Slaughters Sexism, Misogyny, & Homophobia In The Sexiest Way Possible With “Packin’”

“What are you packin’?”

Photo: Courtesy of Unity Group

FHAT is giving a sweet mid finger to sexism, misogyny, homophobia, and everything that makes life shittier with their new groovetastic single “Packin,’” a playfully flirtatious single that serves as both a party banger and criticism. With a glamorous and messy flair, FHAT brings us a twerk-ready anthem that is ready to bite back to any haters. Enjoy:

“We have lived in NYC, LA and now Berlin and we noticed how much men and boys objectify women by catcalling, touching, poking and being inappropriate so we like to give them a taste of their own medicine. Thus came ‘Packin.’ Lully is a sexy quirky guy with a dark humor and as we began making the song, he really went there with us,” shared FHAT. “While we do like to push the limit with boys, we also like to respect all people’s boundaries so we kept ‘Packin’ very innocent and playful while still asking the question, what are you packin? ‘Cause baby it’s really starting to show.’”

Comprised of Hunter and Jackson, FHAT became viral with their 2018 hit single “Back To Life,” which has accumulated more than 1.5 million streams. Their songs have been featured in various playlists, including H&M, and has made waves across the media. The duo will be releasing a video for “Packin’” soon, so keep your eyes out.