NELLINA’s “Got It Bad” Is For D- Romance Decision Makers Out There

Synthpop with a punch of new wave

Artwork courtesy of the artist

If you tend to lose 50 points in your emotional intelligence when it comes to romance, then Austrian duo NELLINA’s “Got It Bad” is the song you’ll be blasting during breakup party, post-breakup party, and crying party. It’s 80s tinted synthpop that has an infusion of new wave, adding a kick flavor to it. Enjoy:

On the her new single, NELLINA shared, “For a long time I always ended up with the same kind of guys in the same kind of obsessive relationships. The more I invested, the less I got back. Describing those kinds of men in the song helped me to draw a line and recover from my bad romances.”

Hailing from Vienna, NELLINA are known for making synthpop with vintage elements of punk and EDM. “Got It Bad” is from the duo’s upcoming EP A Tape Called Rough, which will be out early next year.