GRAE Opens Up About Her Family’s Addiction In New Intimate Single “Fade To Black”

Raw, unfiltered pop

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

Toronto-based artist GRAE takes us back to her childhood where she opens up about her mother’s struggle with alcohol addiction in new single “Fade To Black.” The video features clips of GRAE as a child and captures her naivete at that time. The song is mellow and minimalistic, but her slow-burning croons deliver the emotional punch of nostalgia, innocence, and vulnerability that makes “Fade To Black” memorable:

On her new track, GRAE opened up:

“Growing up with a parent who was absolutely beautiful, talented, free-spirited, smart and so extremely loving and caring, but watching alcohol addiction take over her life.

When you’re a child, you don’t know what’s happening, you don’t know why you’re not enough to fix something. You don’t understand the complexity of situations and you think things can just go away. I didn’t understand my mom’s addiction. When you’re that young, you have so much innocence and you can only view thing from one perspective which is your own. I remember at times I would get upset at my mom, for something I realized, later on, was far more intense then I‘d ever know, and I understand it now.

This song is my real emotion, it describes real things that happened within that time and it was definitely difficult to write and record. My producer KYAN asked me one day about my childhood, and it turned into a huge therapy session, most of the things I said ended up being lyrics, that’s how we created this song together.

I hope ‘Fade To Black’ can help those in similar situations feel less alone. When I was a child I felt like no one understood the things I was going through, but I want anyone who is going through it, to know that I understand.

I loved my mom so much, she always told me to create my life, follow my dreams. She was such a beautiful person, I can’t stress that enough. I definitely got my artistic side from her, 100% … she just suffered, she had demons she didn’t deserve. ‘Fade To Black’ is the result of that time in my life, and funny enough, it’s my favourite song on the EP because it’s so real.”

GRAE will be playing in her city in a few days, so don’t miss her:

10/18 – Monarch Tavern (Toronto, ON, Canada)