Mayfly Bursts The BS Bubble In Her New Single “Selfish Girl”

BS-free synthpop

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

With razor-sharp lyrics and punchy thumps, London-based artist Mayfly bursts the bullshit bubble that many self-absorbed people reside in her new single “Selfish Girl.” It has a quiet, burning beginning where Mayflay’s croons float like smoke as the intensity builds up and the groove is unleashed. Drenched with echo and haziness, “Selfish Girl” is a sweet fuck-your-BS anthem:

“‘Selfish Girl’ is about feeling fed up with those who can’t seem to accept and acknowledge the privilege that surrounds them. It was written as a kind of vent towards those who are living in their own little bubble really,” shared Mayfly.

Mayfly started off writing folk songs at the age of 14 before transitioning to electronic music three years ago. Now 22, Mayfly is paving her way in the electronic scene with her sound and calling out BS at the same time.