Two Tribes Capture The Despair Of Being Homo Sapiens In Digital Era In “Videodrone”

Neo-futuristic industrial rock

Photo: Alexandra Waespi

There is something primitive yet artificial to Two Tribes’ sound. The London quartet know how to extract the DNA of post-punk and inject it with industrial krautrock steroids while adding their own swirling psychedelic flair to it. Their latest single “Videodrone” is what we call neo-futuristic industrial rock – it has an avant-garde melodic architecture filled with crispy ambience, digital glitches, thudding clusters of synths, and whirlwind of distorted hooky riffs. And despite all this superficial chaos, there is visceral aura within the track that capture the despair of being human in the digital era:

On the single, they explained: “’Videodrone’ deals with how the idea of a digital identity, over-stimulation from technology and the internet can perpetuate disillusion and desensitisation in the real world. For some of us, the amount of information available can be a difficult thing to process sometimes, we wanted to explore in this song that increasingly blurred line between mind and mechanism. The title takes inspiration from David Cronenberg’s 1983 film ‘Videodrome’, which carries similar themes about the cult of technology.”

Patrick Smith (Vox, guitars), Annalisa Iembo (Vox, synths and samples), Kim Engelhardt (bass) and Alastair Batchelor (drums, programming) are the humans behind Two Tribes who have been shaking the media and UK scene for their addictive psych sound. They will be playing across London next month, so don’t miss them:

9th November – Shacklewell Arms, London

12th November – Latest Music Bar, Brighton

29th November – The Lexington, London w/ Sink Ya Teeth