Emerson Leif Turns Gratitude Into Melodic Artform In “Wake Up With You”


Artwork & Photo: Naomi Hodges & Olivia Tarau

Aussie artist Emerson Leif is back with a new single “Wake Up With You,” a dreamy soundscape filled with starry-eyed chords and charming vocals of the maestro who recount how impactful the presence of someone can be. It’s the type of song you would play before bed, driving late at night, or drinking wine. The third option is the best. The shimmering guitars and echoes yield a vibrant atmosphere that lures you right in – play below:

“‘Wake Up With You’ is an expression of how life-giving a significant person’s presence in your day can be. To reach out from a dreamscape of sleep and feel the touch of a familiar hand. The seemingly simple experience of waking up next to someone that ‘just gets you’ is in itself both cathartic and regenerative,” shared Emerson.

The track is from Emerson’s upcoming EP, which will be arriving in the coming months so stay tuned.