John Vincent III’s EP ‘Oil’ Is The Byproduct Of A Creative Hermit

This is what happens when you focus on your own shit

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

Nowadays it’s kinda hard to do anything without getting recommendations/instructions from people, Siri, Alexa, Google, and social media on how you should be doing it. John Vincent III decided to give the finger to all the outside distractions and focus on his own craft for his new EP Oil, a self-produced record from the Ohio native that showcases his talent to its raw form. It’s a blend of indie pop/rock, but really it’s freestyle music that feels like a refreshing breeze:

On his new EP, John shared:

“Since the creation of my last project Songs from the valley I have felt a sense of angst and frustration. It could be that I felt I wasn’t being taken seriously within today’s world of music, it could be a bit of guilt stemmed from some self-reflection, whatever it was I knew I had something to prove to not only myself but the rest of the world. I felt like I finally had something to say and the courage to say it. I produced it myself cause I wanted to be alone. I didn’t want anyone telling me that this is how your supposed to do this or I need to be closer to the mic. I wanted everybody to fuck off, even myself. I set my ego aside and stopped trying to preach and teach others and focus on my own shit and grow through whatever came of the time spent in the studio. I think for the first time I made some music that introduces my true self to those who don’t know me… even more so than I could if I were to really meet you. This is me. This is Oil.”

John’s been hustling and making music independently since 2014 and has gotten critical acclaim, including Taylor Swift who gave a shoutout to “Back To My Ways,” for his music. Stay tuned for more news from the 23-year-old.