Olympic Ayres Break Their Long Hiatus With New Groovy Treat “Waiting”


Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Sydney-based duo Olympic Ayres keeps it smooth and chic with their new single “Waiting,” a glimmering production of electronic treat that has a weird calming yet dance-inducing effect. The track also marks the return of the duo from their hiatus and has all the elements of their iconic sound – showering drums, punchy bass lines, and swagger. Stream below:

“After returning from our hiatus we didn’t know where to begin but everything seemed to flow really quickly. This song was created during our first writing session back together in 4 years and it felt like the most natural progression from what we have released so far,” the duo shared. “Lyrically it’s about having to wait for something and what we learn, feel and experience in the process of patience.”

With more exciting things brewing, the duo is getting ready to invade playlists and stages in 2020.