Unwind Your Mind By Chilling With PLAZA’s “SEE”

It’s too cold to be productive

Photo: Joe Spence. Honestly, we’re as confused as the dude in the far left with what exactly is going on in the photo…and our careers

UK band PLAZA gives us the perfect track titled “SEE” to chill with our blankets and coffee during the lazy months of fall. Pumpkin carving? Nah. Apple picking? Ain’t nobody got time fo that. We just want to laze around while listening to a song that resonates the cinematic sound of icebergs through frosty, moody tones that makes us feel like we’re surrounded by the cold beauty of nature. And “SEE” delivers while we have out butts parked on the couch:

On the new single, songwriter Brad Lennard explained: “‘SEE’ has been in the inventory for a while now. It’s a chilled song, played on keys, so a change in style for us. You move on from your favourite band or artist and start exploring new avenues, a lot of tunes that I write now are  this kind of vibe, which is a new direction – having the opportunity to write music like this with us all in a band is class. ‘SEE’ is probably my favourite song we have written, it’s about staying true to yourself.”

The track si from their upcoming sophomore EP Wernotplaza II, which will be out on November 29th via Clue Records. If you happen to be in the UK in April 2020, go say hi:

4/23 – Riverside Newcastle (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)