Choir Boy’s “Nites Like This” Feels Like An 80s Dream & Nightmare

Cinematic pop

Photo: Jordan Utley

Choir Boy give us a cinematic 80s throwback with their new single “Nites Like This” where they send us frosty synths flourish along with the moody ambience. It takes a while for the vocals to roll in, but when they do, the echoes swell and crash like icebergs. Swinging between starry-eyed romanticism and dooming melancholia, “Nites Like This” captures a dream that is slowly turning into our worst nightmare:

Choir Boy’s Adam Klopp explained that the song “contemplates the impermanence of romantic love and is meant to simulate a dream in which you’re dancing with your lover, but they are slowly pulled away by an invisible force.”

Choir Boy is named after Adam’s nickname during his early teens when he was teased for his religious upbringing and voice. Ironically, it is the name that Adam decided to take for his new band when he moved from Cleveland to Salt Lake City and left his religion behind. Choir Boy first broke into the scene with their critically acclaimed 2017 record Passive With Desire. Since its debut, Choir Boy has expanded its lineup with the addition of Chaz Costello on bass (also a member of Choir Boy adjacent act, Human Leather), saxophonist and keyboardist Jeff Kleinman and guitarist Michael Paulsen. They’ll be hitting the road towards the end of this month, so go see them:

10/30 – Neurolux Lounge (Boise, ID, USA)

10/31 – Mississippi Studios (Portland, OR, USA)

11/1 – Clock-out Lounge (Seattle, WA, USA)

11/22 – Urban Lounge (Salt Lake City, UT, USA)