Dan Sadin Goes On A Dance Rendezvous Of Soul-Searching In “Sucker”

Afterparty anthem

Photo: Joachim Zunke

You may not know Dan Sadin, but you’ve heard of his works. He has played, written, and performed with artists such as Frenship, Holychild, MØ, Jessie Ware, and Sabrina Claudio in the past 10 years. The LA-based artist has dropped his latest single/video titled “Sucker” where he pushes our desire to find genuine connection with others. It’s a fluorescent soundscape where the syrupy synths and thrumming riffs capture the quivering emotional state we find ourselves in loneliness. The video, directed by Joachim Zunke, “Sucker” showcases the magic of dancing your heart out in the open while searching for connection:

On the inspiration behind the video, Dan explained:

“JoJo’s visual realization of Sucker has so many direct and indirect references to the song itself, but it’s never in your face or overly self-explanatory. Joachim had the idea of playing with reality vs fantasy in a loose way – ultimately the video could be taking place on a few different planes of existence and I really love how it leaves the choice up to the viewer and how they see the world. It’s also shot in a way where it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Despite touching on the theme of searching for a deeper connection, I think there’s a stronger presence of ‘dance like no one is watching you.'”

Make sure to keep Dan under your radar as the maestro will be dropping more music soon.