TWINKIDS Explores Breakup Delirium In “I Luv You”


Photo: Iván Darío

LA queer pop duo TWINKIDS knows that relationships don’t end with breakups – there’s a dragging aftermath phase where you go through various emotional stages (often times back and forth). The duo’s latest single “I Luv You” is an echo-laden body of synthpop where the throbbing choruses and stretchy soundscape yield a shimmering moodiness that comes with heartache and desire for your ex:

On the inspiration for the new track, TWINKIDS’ Gene shared: “‘I Luv You’ is about the time I saw someone I used to love with someone else. Maybe I still loved him, I don’t know. After that break up, I had found myself not knowing exactly how to fill my time because so much of my time had been spent with my partner. To fill that void, I rushed into friendships with people who felt too cool and weren’t quite right for me. But at least I felt like I was moving on. And then I saw my ex with someone, and it all came crashing down. In that moment I yearned for him so desperately.”

Comprised of Tokyo-born Gene Fukui and Floridian Matt Young, TWINKIDS formed when the duo met while studying at Oberlin College and the Conservatory of Music. Through their music, the duo has tapped into the anxieties of being queer. “I Luv You” is from the duo’s upcoming sophomore EP Lizard House, which will be out on November 22. The duo will also be playing a show tonight in LA, so don’t miss them:

10/18 – Gold Diggers (Los Angeles, CA, USA)