Mashup Monday: Halsey Vs Post Malone “Hollywood’s Bleeding Without Me”

It’s a double treat

Still from Hollywood’s Bleeding Without Me – Halsey & Post Malone (GINGERGREEN mashup) YouTube

As we dive deeper into the fall and approach the end of the year, it’s only reasonable to start preparing for our annual winteritis – it’s a mental phenomenon that happens as you approach the holidays and you lose motivation for work/gym. And instead, all of your motivation goes into food, sleep, and chilling. That’s why we’re throwing this Halsey’s “Without Me” and Post Malone’s “Hollywood’s Bleeding” mashup by Gingergreen. Taking Post Malone’s vocals into Halsey’s cinematic soundscape, “Hollywood’s Bleeding Without Me” is a slow-burning chill trip that goes well with your end-of-yeear hangover/reflection/existentialism:

Now, check out the flipped version: