Mt. Joy Gauges The Pros & Cons Of Change In “Rearrange Us”

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Photo: Courtesy of Fancy PR

LA/Philly act Mt. Joy ruminates on the evolutionary nature of change in “Rearrange Us” where the law of natural selection applies to certain relationships. It’s filled with airy riffs that where the lyrics pour out the knottiest emotions of facing change and losing certain ties with people. Stream below:

Mt. Joy’s Matt Quinn shared:

“‘Rearrange Us’ is a song that really represents how the band has evolved over the last couple years. I had written the chords and lyrics just on acoustic guitar. It had a more Americana vibe, but we could never quite get a vibe for it that felt fresh. Finally, it came time to record it and everyone stepped up with amazing parts and transformed it in an amazing way. Liz Vice lent her voice and Tucker absolutely crushed the recording. It just always felt like a special tune. It’s a song about wanting to hold on to relationships in the face of rapid change. Our lives have changed so much because of music in exciting ways, but ultimately life is short and maybe we are changing at the expense of real human connection. It’s a scary and exciting life and I think the song reflects that.”

Mt. Joy is currently on tour, so go see them in person:

Image: Mt Joy Facebook