Reva Devito & Young Franco’s “Cali” Is An 80s Roadtrip To West Coast


Photo: Courtesy of The Wandelvst

LA transplant Reva Devito takes us on a Hollywood-esque roadtrip to the West Coast in her new video with Young Franco titled “Cali.” It’s a tribute to friendship, youth, and adventure where her sugary vocals yield a sweet, smoky air in the surreal atmosphere. “Cali” moves in a laidback midtempo that has been brushed with the delicate shades of jazz and neo-soul:

On her video, Reva shared:

“I knew I wanted to do a video for Cali and talked about a few ideas with my creative partner, Tiki. A few days later, I ran into my friend De’Angelo and remembered he had my 80’s Toyota dream van, and I thought this would be perfect for the vision. De’Angelo agreed to a daytime shooting adventure and we literally threw the video together within a matter of days. I wanted to highlight the lyrical content of Cali that expresses adventure with a friend, where you’re not sure whether there is a romantic aspect or not, you just know it’s something special and want to enjoy each and every moment with that person. The idea is that we’re on our way to California from Oregon, and making the best of our trip.”

Reva will be joining Miami Horror for their North America tour at the end of this month, which will include Vancouver, LA, NYC, and Chicago.