Lonelyspeck Gives Us A Lesson In Oceanography Sprinkled With Existentialism In “Brine”

Learn the wonders of brine pools

Photo: Courtesy of Good Manners Records

With layers of distorted riffage and sizzling cracks of ambience, Lonelyspeck give us a lesson in oceanography in his new ballad “Brine.” The dark, swelling tone and cryptic multi-echoes yield the same kind of mysterious air we imagine when thinking about the bottom of the ocean. It’s a harmonious clash of samples and layers that work in a seamless symphony – hit play:

On his new single, Lonelyspeck explained:

“At the bottom of the ocean, shifting salt deposits and primordial chemicals create underwater lakes known as brine pools. Communities of shellfish and bacteria thrive along the mineral-rich edges of these pools, but any sea life that ventures into the toxic liquid, such as scavengers seeking an easy meal, will be killed instantly and embalmed in the salt. It’s at once an ancient life source and a stagnant, suffocating mire in the remote abyssal depths. In Brine, this setting is a manifestation of the feelings of dissociation that come from repressing and not knowing oneself. Once accustomed to this place, the familiarity is almost a comfort, and prospects of either staying or leaving are equally daunting.”

Lonelyspeck is the solo project of Adelaide-based artist Sione Teumohenga who broke into the scene with his 2014 debut EP, Presence. Since then, he has released more EPs, played at various festivals, and playlisted across radios. “Brine” is from his upcoming EP Abyssal Body, which will be out next month. He will also be playing in various cities in the upcoming weeks, so don’t miss him:

11/19 – Alexandra Gardens (Melbourne, Australia)

11/20 – The Lansdowne (Sydney, Australia)