Saltwater Sun’s “Mouthbreather” Is A Savory Rant About Mansplainers, Apeshi:)t Drivers & More

Basically, everyone at the bottom of humanity

Photo: Jamie MacMillan

Reading-based act Saltwater Sun is helping us vicariously unleash the rage that we build from horrible human species we encounter every day in their new smashing piece “Mouthbreather.” Through thrashing drums, slashing chords, and mercilessly sharp lyrics, Saltwater Sun deliver the rant we always wanted to vomit but had to restrain it at the knot of our throats for the sake of looking ‘civilized.’ Next time someone drives/parks like shit, tries to mansplain, or chews their chips out loud, get your headphones out and blast this:

“‘Mouthbreather’ is a monumental rant about the myriad people who get on Saltwater Sun’s collective last nerve. Loud chewers, bad drivers and mansplainers – the list goes on! Sure, we could be the bigger people and rise above, but where’s the fun in that?” shared Saltwater Sun’s frontwoman Jen Stearnes.

Produced by Krostofer Harris (Bear’s Den, Belle and Sebastian, Ghostpoet), “Mothbreather” is a glimpse of Saltwater Sun’s upcoming new material, which will be released next year. Stay tuned for more news and see them in-person if you happen to be in London:

10/24 – The Old Blue Last (London, UK)