Dai Burger Gives Her Haters A “Salty” Farewell With Her Midfinger

“I got the recipe, you too salty / I tell a mothafucka hater back off me.”

Photo: Courtesy of Fancy PR

NY rapper Dai Burger showcases her flawless stiletto nail and shimmering gold ring crowned on her middle finger to her haters in new single “Salty.” It’s a self-empowering hip-hop anthem that also serves as a shimmering and quirky fuck-you kiss to everyone who trolls at her. With spicy lyrics soaring over drilling beats, “Salty” uses a minimalistic alchemy that lets Dai’s vocals burst, schmooze, and wink through multisyllabic rhymes:

“’Salty’ is for the ones who love comparing me to every other rap chick. But there’s really no comparison because I created the recipe. I want everyone to strive to be themselves, authentic, and not let haters box you in. They just salty,” shared Dai.

The track is from Dai’s upcoming LP Bite The Burger, which will be out on December 6th. Before launching her career as an artist, Dai was the back-up dancer for Lil Mama. She broke into the scene by releasing her 2010 MyMixxytape independently and since then, she has released several records and continues to hone her sound.