The Ivy’s “Give Me A Try” Is What Semi-Adulting Looks Like In The 80s


Photo: Courtesy of Love By Mistake

From skateboarding like teens to doing laundry like responsible adults, The Ivy gives us a glimpse into their daily activities as a band in their new video “Give Me A Try,” a cinematic retro treat that captures their friendship, creativity, appetite, and nostalgia. The track’s title is also a clever wordplay for the acronym GMAT, which we all relate to grad school. Obviously, the track has absolutely nothing related to grad school. It’s a starry-eyed piece that falls in the midpoint between synthpop and rock. Enjoy:

Originally from Oklahoma, The Ivy formed when the trio met at music school and local school. Since forming, they’ve gone on to releasing viral singles “Gold” (which landed #3 on Spotify’s global viral charts) and “Have You Ever Been In Love” (2.1+ million streams). They’ve previously toured with acts such as LANY and Jai Wolf, gaining raving reviews for their performance. When they’re not making viral songs, the trio is most likely semi-adulting.