Surf Rock Is Dead’s “Our Time” Is For The Nocturnal Shiners Out There

For all of us whose brains truly wake up at night

Photo: Shamshawan Scott

Some of us are genetically programmed to thrive at night – you can’t help it, you just have the Batman genes. Brooklyn duo Surf Rock is Dead (SRiD for short, coz we’re too lazy) gives night heroes and makers the ultimate soundtrack to chill, be productive, or fight crime titled “Our Time.” It’s pop but washed with 80s fizzling vibe and sharpened with post-punk razor that offers the perfect solo party music. Not that you have to be alone per say, you can chill with your cronies. But it’s a song that captures the blissful silence and haven that the night offers from the distractions of daytime:

“The song just spilled out after some catchy guitar noodling turned into what would become the verse bits.  Lyrically, ‘Our Time’ is about the uncertain feeling of chasing after a passion, and the nighttime being the only liberating time to do so,” explained the duo. ​​​​​​​

“Our Time” is from SRiD’s upcoming LP, which will be released in the spring of 2020. For more details, go ask – peer pressure always works better in-person:

11/4 @ Union Stage – Philadelphia, PA (supporting Pete Yorn)

11/9 @ Warsaw – Brooklyn, NY (supporting Pete Yorn)

11/16 @ Music Hall of Williamsburg – Brooklyn, NY (co-headline w/ No Vacation)