Rosa Ama Helps Us Achieve #MoodGoals By Sharing Day & Night Versions Of “Ethers”

Chill by day, dance by night

Artwork courtesy of Golden Coast PR

Rosa Ama has dropped double singles “Ethers” where they offer a day version and night version to compliment our mood. The day version is a chill-as-you-go type of track that keeps you all Zenned out as you go about with daily errands, rest, procrastination, etc. Hit play:

The night version encapsulates the nocturnal life of hitting the dancefloor with your friends and indulging into every bad decision ever. But don’t worry, you can always go back to the day version during your hangover the next day:

Lyrically, the song is about making choices and the doubts that come with it. So, its super adult stuff. Anyway, Rosa Ama is the joint project between UK songwriter David Harks and Belgian composer Vicente Milioto da Palma. Expect to hear more beats from the duo in the upcoming months.