Sorcha Richardson Hones Her Valor In New Single “First Prize Bravery”

Alt rock

Photo: Cáit Fahey

Irish artist Sorcha Richardson opens up about mustering courage and how fucking difficult it is to maintain it in her new wholehearted single “First Prize Bravery.” On its melodic surface, the track is a smooth alt rock piece where Sorcha lets us rest within her pillowy vocals and lo-fi rhythm. But lyrically, “First Prize Bravery” reminds us not to abandon our courage even if we are facing shitstorms in our lives:

“This song started out as my attempt to make something that sounded like a track from the latest Feist album, Pleasure. It doesn’t sound anything like that anymore, but it was originally full of really raw acoustic guitars and lo-fi vocals. It sums up a lot of what the album is about for me—the beauty found in life’s ordinary moments and the bravery it takes to not allow disenchantment to cease your best efforts.”

The track is the title track of Sorcha’s upcoming debut LP, First Prize Bravery, which will be out on November 8th. The gal is currently touring UK and Ireland, so go see her:

10/31/19 @ The Garage – London, England

11/2/19 @ Mirrors Festival – London, England

11/20/19 @ Whelan’s – Dublin, Ireland

11/21/19 @ Winthrop Avenue – Cork, Ireland

11/22/19 @ Róisín Dubh – Galway, Ireland

1/17/2020: Eurosonic (TBC) ​​​​​​​