Sluka’s “Hey Oh” Is Here To Declutter All The Bad Vibes

Alternative rock

Photo: Courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Alternative act Sluka gives us the melodic formula to declutter all the toxic thoughts and memories we’ve hoarded at this time of the year with their video “Hey Oh.” The song reminds you to live in the moment whereas the video captures the aura of the band performing onstage with their fans who are fully present. “Hey Oh” is an explosive alt rock piece that is built on a rampage of riffs, visceral synths, and smashing drums that yield volcanic intensity. Within the chromatic chords, there are elements of folk that give rawness to “Hey Oh.” It has the right amount of catharsis and fluidity to it that makes it perfect to celebrate this moment while also giving yourself a gentle pat for surviving any shitstorm. Enjoy:

“Hey Oh” is form Sluka’s new full-length album Ready to Connect, which was released this Halloween and can be streamed here:

Sluka was founded by Christopher Sluka who was born near Seattle but grew up in various countries across the globe. Christopher first broke into the scene by performing across various New York clubs where he found himself with like-minded artists such as Tears For Fears, NXS, Talk Talk, and many more. His popularity expanded globally, especially in Japan, after he recorded a single with Cat Gray (who previously worked with Prince) in LA. Since then, he has released various records including Emotional Battlefield, Fear of Ordinary Life, and many more.

For their latest record Ready to Connect, Slua worked with Alan Sanderson )Grammy Award Winner) who helped to produce, engineer, mix, and master the album. Sluka will be hosting an album release party in San Diego this Wednesday, so don’t miss them:

11/6 – Soda Bar (San Diego, CA, USA)