Chill With Your Existential Crisis With Mercy’s Cartel’s “Wasting Time”


Photo: Courtesy of Pattern Publicity

UK artist Mercy’s Cartel taps into the existential dilemma we have with money, time, and dreams in new single “Wasting Time” – a laidback, R&B piece where the gal wrestles with pursuing an unorthodox path. Over a slickly unwinding soundscape, she shuffles through the Millennial/Gen Z angst of losing time doing something that will not lead the desirable outcome. If your brain has been sitting on this quandary, then you might as well do it with a good song in the background:

“‘Wasting Time’ is about me realizing where I was in my career and thinking, would my skills be better in another field where I can get money, a mortgage or good credit,” shared Mercy.

Mercy’s Cartel has been garnering a wide fanbase and critical acclaim since releasing her debut EP Vibes Cartel back in 2018.