Ferrari Garden’s “Bridge” Is Remedy For Art School & Creative Burnouts Out There

The magic of self-acceptance

Photo: Courtesy of Auteur Research

Some people call it procrastinating, but for the creative minds out there, it’s called meditating. And that’s exactly what Ferrari Garden did during her thesis year at Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD) when she was going through an existential crisis. After being burned out in meeting the demands of her workload and expectations, she realized that happiness comes with self-acceptance. And she poured this wisdom in one finger-snapping pop anthem titled “Bridge” where she lets our mind chill and waltz over the bouncy production:

“I first began writing the lyrics for ‘Bridge’ while getting ready for bed in the winter of 2018. I was in my thesis year at OCAD at the time and was feeling very isolated and overworked. I guess that subconsciously, I was looking for distractions.

Art school is a strange world – one which I never felt I quite fit into – and I was beginning to question my place there and as an artist. Writing this song allowed for respite from the world around me, and showed me a brand-new world I could build inside myself. That kind of power is both liberating and intimidating.

I think about fate, acceptance, and inner struggle a lot. ‘Bridge’ is about the inner struggle to accept one’s fate.”

“Bridge” is a glimpse into her upcoming 2020 release, which will be as groovy as her SoundCloud moniker’s font.