Interview: Two Tribes Are Rejigging Industrial Krautrock

Meet the humans behind the tribes

Photo: Alexandra Waespi

Back in mid-October, a quartet from London called Two Tribes blew our eardrums with their new single “Videodrone” where they brought vintage ingredients of raw krautrock and melted it with futuristic psychedelia filled with ominous splendor. There’s a visceral madness in their sound that hemorrhages passion alongside doom that thrushes through ambient clouds. At times, you find traces of synth funk in their sound along with intoxicating industrial rock. If we had to describe their songs with one word, it would be mutation – it just keeps evolving and growing unpredictably:

The humans behind Two Tribes are Patrick Smith (Vox, guitars), Annalisa Iembo (Vox, synths and samples), Kim Engelhardt (bass) and Alastair Batchelor (drums, programming). We had the pleasure to talk to them and learn more about their origins, influences, technology, and more. But first, “Zone”:

Now, the interview:

How did you guys meet and form?

We all met around Dalston in East London, specifically The Shacklewell Arms being the location we all gravitated to and started to hang out.

What are some of your music influences?

80’s synth pop & 90’s rave, plus everything else after and in between.

We heard that you put on a great live show. Can you share us some concert pet peeves that you can’t stand when playing a show?

I guess it sucks if you have to rush on stage and can’t soundcheck properly, but that’s about it.

Instagram: @twotribes_band

Your single “Videodrone” explores our complicated relationship with technology. What do you think is the best technological invention of all time? What do you think is the worst?

Terminator 2 is the best one, Terminator 3 is nowhere as good.

What’s the craziest or scariest thing you’ve experienced as a band so far?

We sold out our first headline show before we had any music out, that was pretty crazy.

Photo: Alexandra Waespi

Let’s say the world ends. Which member of your band will outlive the rest and why?

Alastair would definitely outlive the rest of us because he’s the King of The World.

What are your plans for 2020?

More music on the way provided none of us are deported by then.

There’s a high chance that Alastair answered #6.

You can stalk Two Tribes on Instagram.