The Golden Age Of TV Breaks Down The Quiet Chaos Of Stagnancy In “Caught In Doors”

Photo Credit: Andrew Benge

Photo: Andrew Benge

Leeds-based quintet The Golden Age of TV channel the mind-paralyzing despair that comes with stagnancy in new single “Caught in Doors.” The track start with a serene midtempo with a subtle air of omen as the silvery vocals of Bea Fletcher slithers with lyrics that nail the edge of our breakdown. Then, “Caught in Doors” turns into a chaotic party that actually feels like our inner breakdown as we scream internally without flinching our eyebrows on the outside:

“‘Caught In Doors’ is the feeling of being stuck in one place, struggling to move. Financially, socially, in a career – whatever it is, it’s about the need to switch up your routine or change your image. In the chorus, seeing my hair ‘collecting in piles’ metaphors that build up of an itch for change,” shared Bea.

The track is from the quintet’s upcoming self-titled debut EP, which is still in the works. You can ask for more details in-person:

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